Friday, January 10, 2014

CC Consulting, LLC Has Launched!

As a nurse with over 12 years of healthcare experience I have reached my goal and dream. I have launched my first business endeavor licensed in Virginia. My role as the administrator of CC Consulting, LLC is one of the many hats I wear in day to day operations.  I have a successful home office that will be moving to an outside location within the next year! I have completed my Bachelors Degree & MA Degree. Moved on in life after realizing that some choices and people needed to go so that I could be in my destiny.

Realizing my dream came a long time ago. However, my life and circumstance were not prepared to handle that which is required. Working hard, remaining positive, motivating yourself and others are the keys to success. Letting go dead weights, dead beats, irresponsible characters and those who have no real goals do nothing but make your life more difficult than necessary. There is a pathetic username bhhookick3 on who finds nothing better to do but be a continuos deadbeat owing thousands of arrears in support, bad credit and has been court ordered a psychological test in court that used to be a weight but I am informing all that no longer am I bound, ashamed or even looking back so continue on with your rants & raves. May God bless you and save your soul.

CC Consulting, LLC is all about case management, service facilitation, healthcare and bringing positive solutions and consultation to those in need. This business is created in love and that love is for humanity, God first.

I am pleased & blessed to announce CC Consulting, LLC a positive case management business where caring is our passion. Thank you for reading my story. I hope my experience can inspire, bless and help another who may have endured hardships but through grace overcame to reach their dreams!

This is my brand, Aaliyah Haise, Proud Writer, Nurse and Administrator of CC Consulting, LLC

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